The Swedes and the Internet

The Swedes and the Internet is an annual survey of the internet habits of Swedish people, how the use of the internet is developing and the digitalisation of society.

The Swedes and the Internet is a study conducted by The Swedish Internet Foundation. With this survey, we want to contribute facts and insights on how the use of the internet in Sweden is developing. We want to provide the conditions for the digitalisation of Swedish society and the business community to take place on an informed basis.

The Swedes and the Internet is the Swedish part of the World Internet Project, an international research project involving some thirty countries. Since 2010, The Swedish Internet Foundation has been the head of the Swedish study. The report is based on interviews from a random sample of the population in Sweden.

The Swedish Internet Foundation is an independent, business-driven and non-profit organization. We work for an internet that positively contributes to people and society. We are responsible for the internet’s Swedish top-level domain .se and manage the operation and administration of the top-level domain .nu. The revenues from the business operations finance a number of initiatives aimed at enabling people to make the best use of the internet, and stimulate knowledge sharing and innovation with an internet focus.

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